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Music and amazing videos

Every time I watch a video of this group, my brain "flips out in colors" (I love that Spanish expression). "OK Go" seems like an endless source of crazy ideas, sometimes simple but always great and with a touch of humor. I also really like their music a lot.

Thanks to the teacher who gave them those "OK Go!" to Damian Kulash (vocalist) and Tim Nordwind (bassist) in their art class. That's where the group's name came from, and who knows, maybe also some of their creativity.

Many times, not content with having ideas of astonishing performative difficulty, they make several of their videos in a sequence shot.

HERE, a YouTube list, about "OK Go," which includes:

  • Dynamite, album from Damian's previous punk band called "A la playa" (and it sounds very good to me).

  • "Get Over It," from OK Go's first album and one of the first videos to "break it."

  • The video of "All Is Not Lost," which was the first one that made me fall in love with the band, made with a dance and theater group called Pilobolus and directed by Trish Sie (who has directed several videos for Damian's band). I also included two more directed by her (my favorites): "White Knuckles" and "Skyscrapers" (which she also co-stars).

  • Additionally, I included three more that... don't even need to be explained: "I Won’t Let You Down," "The One Moment," and "This Too Shall Pass."

  • And one more, "Last Leaf," the stop-motion about slices of bread (they assure everything was expired).

  • Lastly, a plus: "How To Find A Wonderful Idea," a TED talk they did.

  • Al final, un plus: "How To Find A Wonderful Idea", una charla TED que hicieron.


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